Monday, 10 September 2012

In this English class, I had learned a very important thing which everybody needs to be aware off.  Every person is in need to understand that essays, poems or songs, do not achieve there color through a lush of classy words thrown on the  paper.  Each word has to come from the deep end of your heart and you should truly feel and believe in what you write, it is essential that you do not just write it for the sake of showing off your knowledge in vocabulary.  

This class has given me an opportunity to expand my memory and thinking. It has provided me a train to ride back to my childhood and put all those beautiful memories on paper. One thing, that I enjoy about this class is the round table discussion that we have, every student has a chance to voice there opinion. It also helps those few enclosed students to break open the shells they are hidden inside, by involving everybody. I also like the idea of making blogs, as there are a few who have the matter in there heads and they are very desperate to share it and yet they are afraid or terrified to voice it out, for students alike blogs can be very useful. 
Something that I would like to be changed in this is class is the peer checking.  Which I would want eliminated as I do not feel very comfortable with my peers assessing my work. I feel that it might break a few bonds. 


  1. Your language is very lyrical and emotional. I love it. I understand anxiety about peer editing, but can you talk more about the bonds that are being broken?

  2. That's a very interesting way to look at it. It's also very true. Peer editing can either build or break bonds, and it all depends on the language used and how the comments are taken.

    You've also raised another good point: about actually feeling emotion when you write. I agree, and I think it's very important to mean what you're writing instead of just making it sound good.

    1. Can you talk a bit more about building or breaking bonds? Maybe share some examples? How can we help rather than hurt? How do we build a community that is authentic and one that works?