Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Today our English teacher had given us a task to choose a book character with whose characteristics you can draw parallel lines with, my mind had immediately set off to wonder and ponder about, 'who will I choose?'.
I drooled over it, again and again.
Finally, after a course of immense hard work, I had finally fixed upon 'Lyra Balecqua' from the "Northern Lights". It is her story that strikes me deepest and it is her personality that I can relate to the closest.
All the hardships she has been through in life would seem like boulders, in front of my stones. However, the way she has dealt with them, is similar to the way I would deal with my problems.
She remains potent, strong and resilient throughout the course (this is what I favor the most about her). And even I try to be same while dealing with all the crooked lines in my life, I never give up. However when things  get to the extremes, I do sob, lose balance, fall down, think about giving up but at the end I always pick up the strength and energy to rise back up, just like Lyra. And that is a crystal clear reason as to why I had chosen her.
This task had also given me chance to learn about me and myself more and I believe that a human needs to know him or herself more, before tagging, pointing fingers and judging others due to the cons they bear. Unfortunately the world lacks this skill.

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