Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why I pick what I pick? 

In the hope to brighten our moods in regards with the mid-term break and reduce the everlasting stretch of boredom that we experience during the holidays, our teacher had taken us to the library during the English lesson in order for us to select a book that we favor.
We started searching for a book of our interest . we bore curious, mysterious and detective-like faces as we searched. This was the first time the whole class was together in a place engulfed with silence, therefore it was a challenge for us to remain quite when our friends were just an inch away from us, therefore many kinds of abbreviations were passed around as a source of communication.
Like everybody, it is obvious that even I was busy in search of a good book. As I bit my lips, which later soured out red liquid and scratched my head with a few yawns was a crystal clear signal that I was irritated, annoyed and confused as to what to pick. Sigh, I sat down and closed my eyes for some time. As I was on the verge of falling into a asleep, my friend had suddenly yanked me up awake and gave me a book, which she thought was good. it took me minute, come to my senses and my sense of the activity that had just taken place. I flipped the book she had given me around, read the blurb and my reaction was immediate, this book was written for me (I thank my friend in my friend in my heart I did not feel like picking up the extra effort to go say it to her at the moment)! The book, is about a freshmen (Melinda) in high school, who has been through by hardships in the past, she is trying to set all the cons in her life right (she is also hiding a secret from her old friends which was the reason that the end of the year summer party was blown into shreds and her friends dislike her due to that) and is trying to make friends in her new school, while at the same time she is also trying to avoid the negativity targeted towards her by her so called old friends and other school mates which is mainly due to what she 'seems' to be from the outside (in the case of the people who have never even talked to her). I can draw many parallel lines with a character alike Melinda, as even I have joined a new school who's environment is vastly different from my old school, thankfully my old friends do not dislike me, I do not have a deep dark hidden secret such as her,  however I am trying to avoid any tags given to me by anybody who does not know me and I am trying to set a few crooked lines in my life right.
When I read the book I feel a strong connection with Melinda and if not exact feel similar to what she feels. They were instances, when my eyes had flooded with tears, as I read the book and I daresay that this has never happened to me before. That is why I like this book so much.

P.S- In my last blogpost, I had said the book character that I relate to the most is Lyra Belacque, from the northern lights, I would like to change create a small change in that answer and say that CURRENTLY I relate to Melinda, as both of us have gone through or going through a similar situation, however in terms of my personality 'Lyra Belacque' is the one.

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