Thursday, 29 November 2012

Well no. Ofcourse not. You are just being who you are.
You are not harming anyone by being gay.
You are just being yourself.
If you are somebody who does not quite prefer, 'gay', well that is completely okay
as nobody is forcing you to be gay and they have no right to do that either..just like you have
no right to prevent someone being gay or rather being 'themselves'.

It is awkward how I am suddenly bringing this topic up, however I couldn't help it.
There are so many thoughts bubbling up in my head and today this one had popped up and that too with a really loud 'quack' i should add.

Therefore I thought, I'd give my say in regards with this topic.
I am fed up of hearing negative remarks about gay people, when all that they are doing is being true to themselves.
We  have no right to prevent somebody from loving who they want to.

I'll be honest. When I first discovered about the activity of being gay, I was naturally grossed
out, however later I realized that it is okay! :)
Yes, that is all I would like to say about this topic. :)

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