Thursday, 29 November 2012



I was just scrolling down my news feed on facebook when I saw a picture labelled 'Self awareness day' in bold. And I was like, 'oh'.


Well, life can go bad at times. We've all had that one night when we have second thoughts about everything that is happening to us right now and nothing seems right. We've all been judged, tagged and nagged. We've all had those moments when it feels like everything is crumbling down into pieces.                                                                      

There comes a point of time, when you have been pushed down, way to many times, you have lost hope and do not bear the energy to get back. You really just want to go jump of a hill.......You want to sit out of your life for want to harm your self :( 

But remember hurting yourself is just going to make you a wider target in terms of being judged. It really is just going to make your life worse!! ..... Harming yourself is just going to drown you and you know that, but yet you do it..why???!!!!! 

Your beautiful in your own good way ;) 

Do not hurt yourself for all the bullies out there :) 


maybe not today,

or tommorow, 

but one day, 

your beauty will be recognized for people worth it


Wear a black band to support this day and STAY STRONG :)

  Image credits: You can find it as a JPEG n Flickr :)...I edited though and the quotes mine :)

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