Monday, 3 December 2012

HELLO :)))
My recent blog posts have been about very sensitive topics, like 'homosexuality', 'self harm' etc.
Well, I have always wanted to speak about topics alike these very openly and oh well I love my family to death but for some unknown reason the words do not go beyond my throat when it comes to discussing topics alike these near them. I always swallow the words back in. My family...well.. is not very 'conservative' or anything of such sort, however they are not the kind of ones who discuss  fragile topics alike, 'supporting gay people' without a small uncomfortable gesture. However I have tried to bubble these topics up before in discussions but oh well, let's just say the blog is a better place ;)
So anyway...  I wanted to just say how much I love  the idea of blogging (since i can discuss so much-like I have written above). :))))) As a little girl, I have always been the kind who was hidden behind the curtain and this not something I was forced to do however this was my choice. Unlike some people's childhood where they had the voice and the courage however lacked the opportunity, I had the opportunity and the voice however lacked the courage. It feels great to finally shove away the veil, come out of my shell and reveal show the world 'me' ;) At the start, I did not post a lot and there are multiple reasons to why and a major one being that I was 'scared'. I was scared that I would be a target and that I be judged, nagged and tagged. There was a lot I wished to say, however my 'self-consciousness' dominated me. Well, laziness is a minor factor, but that is really stupid and I am over it ;)
It feels nicer to finally be able to open up (well to post) and unzip. :-)
Yep that's it byeeee :)


  1. I was so impressed and proud of you for taking on these hard topics. Sounds like you are finding your way around your blog and finding your voice. Which is great, since I know it is hard for you to share it in class. Keep up the great sharing. I for one look forward to your pots every time.

    Don't forget to hyperlink to posts you mentioned. Always nice to take your reader directly to what you are referring to.

  2. Thank you so much..I've always wanted to speak about hard topics alike. And, yes it's finally great to open up! :)
    I shall keep the hyper-linking in mind :)