Saturday, 22 December 2012

"Realize, never REgret" (not rite now!)


 ------->  SUMMER 2012 :') GOOD TIMES \ :D Anyway this picture was taken in USA, Oregon, ROSE GaRDEN 2012 XD...

This picture speaks so much about mistakes and  regrets. It is solely those gorgeous roses behind me that speak so much. I have taken the example of roses before and I am going to take
this example again...
because I feel that we can sprout numerous meanings out,just by laying our eyes on these wonderful flowers, we can sprout out meanings that we can relate to and understand. Because all of us are millions of roses put together. Each and every person  on this good earth is perfect and beautiful in his or her own way and that does not mean we do not have dents in our personalities or we do not make mistakes. It is our mistakes, imperfections and holes that create us (into a better and a stronger person) as a young teenager growing up, never regret something you have done...REALIZE your mistakes from it..because that is what really matters. OKAY ?? :D While we are young, every mistake we make seems  like the end of the WORLD :( :P...but it is have a loooonnnnggggg way to gooo, so realize, learn, move on and keep smiling :))))...Like me.. THERE :P

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