Tuesday, 18 December 2012

TIME SWIMS BY......JuStLikeTHAT.....

It's been four months since I've joined UWCSEA!!! I have had my ups and downs, been through thick and thin, climbed mountains and had even come crashing down, in these four months, however now looking back at whatever  I have been through, these four months are probably one of the best 'four months' of my life. 
As I have mentioned before, 'I was the girl behind the veil', it takes time to Unzip and Breakthrough...I liked spending 'time with myself' in a new environment, an attitude alike this had naturally made it difficult for me to make friends at the start :(.....However this was not the only reason as to why I had trouble...one of the reasons why I had a hard time  was the bare fact that I was also generally a little upset as I was repeating a grade :( (age issues :P).
Then soon...days had gone by...I started coming out of my hideout ;)
Met some really really beautiful people..I made friends..I broke through (the veil I was behind) ;) Started making jokes, tried to be optimistic and 'had fun'.
My friends at UWCSEA taught me to 'have fun'...in general excluding those first few gloomy days... This school has just made me a happier and stronger being ;D (the blog playing a very important role in that-as it helped empower me by giving me a platform to voice out what I feel :)). 
Then the christmas break pops up and I'm all like..'huh what..no..what..it's been four months..wow!!!' These four months have been so super long and yet they seem so short to my eyes!!! 
Oh and did I mention, the last day which had nearly brough me to tears :')...I have never seen a place where people were so connected with each other, the break was only three weeks and we were crying on each others shoulders and that moment had changed the way I look at this school, (it changed very very very much from the way I looked at it on my first day)....
The bonds between each other were so deep and dense and oh the fact that that Mahi was leaving..just made it harder ;"( 
Gonna miss Mahi so much...Bye Mahi :))) have funnn ;)
you were an amazing room-mate with Audrey :) (who is like my best friend and she's awesome..coz i love other people but :3 her too and she was my first frined :D ;)) and yea BYE MAHI
SO yes that's it see you :D

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  1. I love that you are using this blog as a place to open up. I hope that it helps you connect to some of your peers soon. I for one love learning more about you through what you write. Keep it up.