Monday, 10 December 2012

Who is your 100 percent perfect 'somebody'?  

- We all have our interpretations of that perfect somebody.  Some believe or rather at times driven by attractive physical features. Few believe in the person's beauty and by beauty I mean the 'inner beauty' which is what I strongly go with or rather will start going with (when I grow up :).                                                            Saying that- while some look at the inner and while others look at the outer beauty. Some wait for a special feeling to pop up inside of them and when it does, then it is believed that the person has found that '100 percent perfect somebody'. This kind of thought or rather logic has never flown across my mind or st-rook me...not until I read the the story, 'the hundred percent girl', its a story about a man probably in his thirties. As he casually strolls down a street just like other thirty year olds, he lays eyes on this woman and everything changes!!! WHAT??!??!?!?!....

You shall understand the reason for my "What' which I should mention is embedded with utter confusion, in just a second.



The reason why I simply do not get it is because although there is nothing striking or unique about her personality or physical features, it still makes sense to fall in love with her, maybe he sees perfection in her in his own way. However, what bothers me the most is the plain fact that he has never met her!!!! It is just this feeling that sprouts up inside of him whenever he sees her and that is what makes her the '100 percent girl' for him. Maybe, I do not understand this concept as I have never fallen in love..but however I feel that this utterly 'stupid' and this is my personal opinion, I do not intend to cause offence to anybody. I believe that the concept of this 'feeling' is unrealistic and 'stupid' because tomorrow when both of you start a living together (or intend to start one) that feeling is not going to pay the bills! 

What if you get together with somebody, and realize that probably there presence makes your heart race, however their personality is not the type you prefer, you will probably regret everything and go deep down into the mines of depression for a long period. I am using very strong phrases (deep down in the mines of depression!) as I believe that love does have the power to influence your actions, personality and thinking.  The story is one of the examples in which his nerves get the best of him and therefore never picks up the courage to talk to his so called 100 percent perfect girl. Therefore, right now he has a tinge of regret in his heart.                                                                                                      And his love does, influence his life as in my opinion he starts being unrealistic and starts making up stories of when they (he and his 100 percent perfect girl) were teenage kids in love and separated to test there love,  then they lost there memory and now they are here again next to each other and yet so faraway. This story he makes up might be true, however it seems so unrealistic and most probably might not be true.                                                                                           I do not know if I am being to realistic and sticking too much to the ground rather than jumping high up and exploring what's above, I am just giving my personal opinion in regards with what I feel about love for 'right now'. This opinion might alter as I grow up, but for now I feel if you want true love you should see through the veil (the looks) and look at the sparkling personality he/she bears under it, and I suggest nobody rely on any 'feeling' that would bubbles up inside of you.

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