Sunday, 27 January 2013

Been a long time since a blogged huh?? Sorry was just sorting out some stuff and couldn't exactly find something to blog about however now I am back in touch with my blog...yay!!!
After last  summer, I have been tackling with numerous changes, changing school, changing condos, changing hair (I dyed it)....and a lot more other stuff. Many times you are allowed to choose and make changes according to what YOU favor and some other've not got the decision in your hands and you've just got to cope up with what others decide for you :( Anyway, frankly I do not quite favor change it is always such a challenge to say goodbye to  'whatt-it-used-to-be-like'...but oh well soon I realized that changes aren't a PART of life in is solely made up of changes!!! And it is not always a GOODBYE to the past, because who knows maybe the new path that you choose to take now might lead you back to where you started ;)

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