Monday, 25 February 2013


When I was younger, beauty was all about looks. When I met someone new (a girl) the first thing I thought about was if she was pretty or not. As an eight-year old I had thought that there are few things that you need to concentrate on right now and they were to get good grades, look pretty and be decent at sports. That was life!!! That's it...all the other qualities a girl should posses  were not on my list. A smart, pretty and a sporty girl was what you need to be inorder to be liked :)
And now..six years later..I know what beauty is and I know that you need not try to be should be yourself and if they like you they do and if they don't they don't. I realized that beauty might be about your physical features however true beauty is from the inside xD. I'm writting this post because I don't want to today's 8year olds to put them selves in such kind of position and try very hard to look pretty when their bodies are just developing and they should study well and play good sports because they want to..

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  1. Interesting post. As a father of two girls, I am constantly trying to make sure that my girls understand that there is more to life than being consider beautiful. Problem is that society and culture make that difficult. So many people think that girls have to be beautiful (whatever that means) in order to be valuable. I guess that we have to find out what makes each person find worth in themselves and try to help them learn more about who they are.

    With my girls, I try to foster independence, kindness, creativity etc.... I hope that when they grow up they find things to value in themselves as well.

    Final note, this problem of living up to what we are meant to be is not a problem only for girls. Boys are meant to be athletic and tough and strong. It is hard for boys who do not see themselves in that light.

    Great post. Thanks for getting me thinking. Curious what others think. How do other people deal with expectations?