Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What is the 'What'?

- It's a very very different book. Nothing like I've read before.
As Valentino is tackling the rough bushes of life, I would expect the language
to be emotional, full of life....I would expect it to breath, run and slip.
However the language turned out to be very very different as it was dry, lifeless and was more or less just a flow of facts... At the start I did not quite like this book because of
it's language however eventually I learning to appreciate this style of is different and that's what's great about it.
Overall speaking, I feel that this book is okay . It does have it's boring
parts however it also has it's interesting parts. To see how life
was back  in the villages when everybody was happy
and then to see  it  ruined by the war and to read what was
going on in little Valentino's head at that time was very interesting.
And I feel that few parts which did not need to be stretched,
were stretched and it's those parts that I would tag boring. 
I am definitely struggling to keep up with everybody else's pace,
however when I read it, I don't feel that's a good thing.

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