Monday, 18 March 2013


- Hello!!! It's been sometime since I've blogged and I wanted start off  by saying a little something  about 'happiness' because oh well I have been thinking much about it lately :)...By the way i have not been blogging because I was super super busy and when i got free I got super super lazy (yes,I should stop that!).  Anyway...

So happiness to me is something that cannot be given and is something that spurts from the inside. I feel that often many are 'jailed' from being happy by nobody other than 'themselves' because a sense that a 'state that they are currently is not something to be happy about' is drilled into them. For an example...someone is immensely poor and that is sad but they can still be happy right? However that person understands that his life is nothing to be happy about..therefore loses hope and eventually gets very 'unhappy'. 

I guess I am confused myself and really can't explain it but above is what 'I think' goes on in society however I am obviously not sure. 

But I just want to conclude by saying that no matter what's going on..You can always be happy and smile :)

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